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Strategic Communications for Your Ministry

In today’s 280-character communications environment, everyone is vying for the attention of members and visitors to your local church.  How can you assure your message is getting to your audience – particularly if this is your first time using social media or a website?  And how do you figure out what to use and how to say it? Let GCFA's Marketing and Communications department help with your strategic communications plan, graphic design, communications audit, and more!

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Since 2002, eBridge has been providing secure web-based document management solutions to dozens of UMC conferences and affiliates, hosting their combined 13 million files. Our document management tools allow you to simply and quickly convert your paper files into secure electronic documents and access them anytime, anywhere. Keep sensitive files private with separate file cabinets for each department, and document level security within each file cabinet.

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We Invite You To Make a Year End Gift!

Global Ministries, UMCOR, and The Advance invite you to give love, joy, hope, and peace by offering a year-end gift. Learn more and hear stories of the ways generosity is transforming the lives of people around the world. Join us in supporting vital mission work with a year-end gift.