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Worry-Free IT Bundle

Do you need to revamp your church’s data security, but don’t know how? Or do you need expert support, but are scared it won’t fit in your budget? UMC Support is here to help! Cybersecurity threats and failing software can easily sidetrack your mission and put your ministry’s important data – like finance and personal information - at risk. UMC Support’s expert computer technology professionals have put together a one-stop-shop to satisfy all your digital security needs.

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UMC Supports newest ministry partner, Subsplash, is a leader in mobile technology and digital engagement tools, helping thousands of churches, ministries, and congregations around the world expand their reach and engage their communities through world-class technology.

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Get Your 2023 Annual Conference Contracts Reviewed by Professionals!

Before you sign your 2023 Annual Conference hotel or venue contracts, allow a Licensed Attorney and Certified Meeting Planner to review and suggest edits. Typically $650 or more, you can take advantage of reduced Contract Review and Negotiation pricing and get 2023 marked off your to-do list. Now through August 31!