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Worry-Free IT Bundle

Do you need to revamp your church’s data security, but don’t know how? Or do you need expert support, but are scared it won’t fit in your budget? UMC Support is here to help! Cybersecurity threats and failing software can easily sidetrack your mission and put your ministry’s important data – like finance and personal information - at risk. UMC Support’s expert computer technology professionals have put together a one-stop-shop to satisfy all your digital security needs.

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Vanco Faith

UMC Support's ministry partner, Vanco, provides churches with secure and convenient eGiving tools including donation webpages, text giving, mobile apps, and card readers to further their ministry and finances.

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2021 Year In Review!

Halfway through 2022, it is exciting to look back on a successful 2021 and thank all those in ministry who made it possible. We also accomplished a lot in 2021, bringing new services and resources to the connection, on timely subjects like: hybrid meeting planning, live streaming, copyright consulting, and more!